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Nokia MOSH brings mobile social networking

Nokia has introduced the Beta of its MOSH social networking site that's designed for mobile phone and desktop cross-platform operation

Nokia is getting into social networking with the introduction of its own cross-platform social networking and content sharing site, MOSH.

Nokia's MOSH site has been developed for mobile phones and desktop PCs. It enables mobile users to upload games, applications, photos and videos, organise content and share it with other users.

MOSH users can browse through other accounts, bookmark files for viewing later and collect stuff to download to your mobile.

MOSH has been designed to give users a consistent experience whether they're using a desktop PC or mobile device. Nokia opened the Beta of MOSH yesterday. Would-be users can register at, while there's also a .mobi mobile phone-optimised site created for MOSH users at

More details of how to test drive MOSH can be found at Intomobile .