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Smallest Bluetooth earpiece ever from Samsung

Mobile users can now wear a Bluetooth earpiece without anyone knowing it's there with an ultra-miniature Bluetooth earpiece from Samsung that's little bigger than an earphone bud.

The Samsung WEP500 is an incredibly tiny Bluetooth headset that fits completely into the user's ear. It weighs a mere 9g and measures 26 x 30 x 8.4mm. But it still packs in enough digital signal processing gadgetry to enable a decent sound performance, including microphone voice separation technology that cuts out background noise.

It also has automatic volume control to deal with external sound variations, whether you're in the car, walking in the street or at home.

The WEP500 comes with a small earpiece holder that doubles as a charger cradle. The Samsung WEP500 promises up to 3.5 hours of talktime and up to 80 hours' standby between charges.

The Samsung WEP will be in UK stores in October, priced at £79.99.