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Secret iPhone details uncovered

There appears to be more to the iPhone than Steve Jobs first admitted

Previously unspotted details about Apple's iPhone have been revealed by US gadget fans Action Corp TV .
By scrutinising Steve Jobs' launch speech, various images from the MacWorld event and details released shortly after, Action Corp deduced Apple Inc has more up its sleeve than a snazzy phone.

Action Corp believes Apple Inc will soon start selling ringtones on iTunes. The main evidence it points to is a ringtones tab on a copy of iTunes Jobs used during his speech.

It appears there are two different versions of the Google Maps application found on the iPhone. When Jobs demonstrated the feature it appeared to lack the traffic information options and directions he said it had, according to Action Corp.

However, later in his speech Jobs showed another image of Google Maps with more options and input bars indicative of the promised functions.

While Jobs demonstrated the calendar application during the MacWorld show, it wasn't a finished application. Action Corp points out what kind of features to expect from the calendar, judging by the buttons on the image.

We'll no doubt find out if all of the above is true when the iPhone is released in June.