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Samsung to turn texts into chat

Part of Samsung's patent clearly shows images of people's faces next to their texts

Samsung is aiming to change the way we text on our mobiles - if a patent application filed by the US Patent Office is anything to go by. The patent describes how text messages can be displayed like a chat log using images of the sender and recipient.

Judging by one image from the patent, this includes the text itself appearing in speech bubbles over people's faces. Once all the texts are put together, you get a continuous chat log - in case you forget what stage the conversation was at.

Samsung may be looking at this as a means to up its game to compete with the highly anticipated Apple iPhone , which will support a number of innovative features, including a feature-rich texting application that includes chat logs.

Text messages displayed in chat log form on their own is nothing new: the Treo 750v , running Windows Mobile 5, does this - but not with images of the sender and recipient.