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Samsung's crazy long phone idea could be a movie-lovers dream

Samsung's crazy long phone idea could be a movie-lovers dream
LG did something similar a while back

Samsung might be trying to succeed where LG failed with a newly-filed patent for a smartphone with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

That's pretty damn long, but given it's the same ratio found on widescreen TVs this could be for a phone built for the hardcore film fans.

That's reinforced by the especially large speaker grill shown on the phone in the patent sketch. There's no mention of what the resolution might be but there is a rather large-looking rear facing camera too.

Long game


Some of you might remember the LG BL40 New Chocolate handset which came with the same ratio. It didn't resonate in 2009, but maybe Samsung can help a longer form find a place in our hearts.

Or it could just be another crazy idea that never comes to fruition.

That said, at MWC this year, TechRadar got hands on with Samsung's foldable phones and tablets, which the company is planning to get onto the market some time in 2015

After seeing those - and remembering that the Galaxy Round also exists - we wouldn't put anything past these guys.

Hugh Langley

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