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Samsung now chasing Japan and Oz iPhone 4S ban

Samsung now chasing Japan and Oz iPhone 4S ban
iPhone 4S - the latest Apple handset

Samsung's attempts to get the Apple iPhone 4S banned are continuing apace, with the ongoing trademark/patent spat now seeing the Korean giant attempt to get the latest handset off the shelves in Australia and Japan.

Samsung has already attempted to get the iPhone 4S banned in France and Italy and is now looking further afield as Apple continues to pursue its rival in its own lawsuits.

Apple has already succeeded in getting injunctions on sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe and Australia, and the unsightly spat shows no sign of dwindling away.


Samsung and Apple are by no means the only tech giants imbued in legal wrangling, with the majority of the major players defending and/or pursuing actions.

For technophiles the arguments are likely to bring no tangible benefits, but the key players are keen to protect their intellectual property as they look to extend sales.

The real winners, of course, are the lawyers – who will no doubt be able to afford any tablet or phone they choose with the massive fees being earned.

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