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Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date to be revealed on Twitter

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date to be revealed on Twitter
Galaxy S3 - set phasers to tweet

Samsung has revealed a clever ploy to up the follower count on its corporate Twitter account by saying it will reveal the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date in a tweet.

It looks like it will be a Korean tweet given that the news comes from the @samsungtomorrow account. We put it through the old TechRadar translatarometer (Google Translate) to discover that the tweet reads thus:

"Please note: Some known through press releases Galaxy S3 [April release] is not true. Once [there is] a specific launch date we will notify you via Twitter first."

So, yes. There'll be an announcement on Twitter about when the Samsung Galaxy S3 announcement will be made. Thrilling stuff.

Specific speculation about specifications

Until now, the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date has so far ranged from February to July 2012, with April the most hotly tipped month for an S3 unveiling.

But with the launch date seemingly pushed back, it gives us plenty more time to speculate endlessly about what specs it will come with: our money's on a quad-core 1.5GHz Exynos 3312 chipset, Android 4.0, 1GB of RAM and a really big screen (4.8-inches?).

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