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Samsung Galaxy S advert pokes fun at iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S advert

The latest Samsung Galaxy S ad has taken a less than subtle, but very amusing, swipe at the Apple iPhone.

The advert for Samsung's well-received new smartphone features bars of network characters making up the Ls in the world Hello.

The ad seems to have been prompted by Apple recently explaining away the reception problem in its latest iPhone 4 handset by insisting that every phone suffered from the same problem, something that, as you may imagine, was not very well received.

Poking fun

And Samsung has not resisted the opportunity to have a crack back at the Apple handset with their advert.

For the record, TechRadar's Samsung Galaxy S review handed the phone four and a half stars, with phones editor Gareth Beavis saying: "The Samsung Galaxy S is the best smartphone Samsung has made so far, and it's easy to see in the build quality and sheer functionality of the device."

And the Korean firm has clearly got a sense of humour as well.

Via Mashable

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