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Samsung Galaxy Pocket announced

Samsung Galaxy Pocket announced
Hot pocket?

Samsung has unveiled the Android 2.3-toting Samsung Galaxy Pocket, with the new phone targeting the budget end of the market.

In something of a surprising move, Samsung waited until after MWC 2012 to announce the Galaxy Pocket.

The phone has a 2.8-inch touchscreen, the upgraded TouchWiz interface from Samsung and an SD card slot to boost its 3GB of internal memory. The camera is a disappointing 2MP affair.

Further breadth

"With the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, we are building on the features we know our customers enjoy and get the most out of," Simon Stanford, Vice President, UK telecommunications and networks division.

"This new device adds further breadth to the choice of smartphones we currently offer and provides a smartphone experience for even more customers at an affordable price."

The phone obviously plays up its social networking features, given the younger audience that are likely to be its principle market, and also boasts a built-in FM radio.

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