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Samsung Galaxy F gets a Prime leak, and this one has a golden touch

Galaxy F
September is the month being talked about, but we wouldn't be surprised to see the F sooner

It seems almost certain that Samsung is making the S5 premium with the Galaxy F. Now we've got a look at what claims to be the first press render of the Quad-HD variant handset looking all sparkly and golden.

This one comes courtesy of none other than @evleaks, so you can see why we're willing to invest a bit of faith. As ever, the trusty leakster doesn't give much other information, but does continue to refer to it as the "Galaxy F" in a "perfect golden" hue.

The brushed metallic back can clearly be seen working its stuff, however we're not sure if this will be full metal or just a plastic back with a finish.

Unhelpfully, @evleaks says the phone will launch in 2014. But rumours are that Samsung is planning to go Prime in September, maybe just in time for IFA.


Looking gold and sounding rather bold (credit: Evleaks)

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