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Samsung Blue Earth phone made from bottles

Blue Earth
The new Samsung Blue Earth model is made from old water bottles

We first encountered Samsung's new 'environmentally friendly' mobile phone way back when it was but a twinkle in the Korean giant's eye, so it's with relief that we hear the S7550 Blue Earth will finally be out in Europe later this month.

The body of new handset is made, we're told, from recycled plastic water bottles and there's a solar panel on the rear of the phone for impromptu charging.

Walking incentive

To encourage walking – if a phone really can do such a thing – Samsung has included a digital pedometer, plus there's a calendar application listing "worldwide days of environmental action."

It may all sound rather aspirational and airy-fairy, but the Blue Earth is clearly part of a larger movement to make gadgets more sustainable, with similar devices already available from Sharp, LG and Motorola.