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Project pics from your mobile

Soon mobile devices like mobiles and cameras may be able to display its images like a projector

US technology masterminds Texas Instruments (TI) has shown off a projector small enough to sit on your fingertip.

Projector experts TI is responsible for a large percentage of the imaging sensors in consumer projectors. And its pico-projector, shown off today at the CTIA wireless show , is its smallest model yet.

With a projector-enabled mobile phone, for example, you could easily show off your pictures or movies by shining them onto a wall, or so it's envisaged.

"Over the next few years, we envision a large opportunity for the convergence of projection technology and mobile devices, like cellphones," said Frank J Moizio, worldwide strategic marketing and business development manager at TI.

While this technology has been often talked about, projectors small enough to fit into mobile phones have yet to materialise. We can't wait to see if TI's attempt lives up to the hype.