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Wireless frame handles snaps over Bluetooth

The latest hot multimedia item to hit Japan is surprising in that it's actually a French-made product, but that doesn't mean the Parrot wireless PhotoViewer 7 isn't worth a closer look.

The ¥34,440 (£150) digital photo frame from CFC Japan is made up of a 720 x 480-pixel 7-inch LCD and a black fake animal-hide border. Although there are no slots for memory cards, the 512MB of internal memory should be spacious enough for most viewing purposes.

Beauty only skin deep

Photos are shifted to the screen by Bluetooth from any suitable device, such as a PC, mobile phone, digital camera or PDA, provided it supports one of the FTP, OPP or BIP Bluetooth profiles.

Considering that only JPEG images can be displayed, the appeal of the PhotoViewer 7 in a country obsessed with appearances clearly lies in that faux crocodile skin surround.