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iPhone gets low-cost Skype calling

IM+ for Skype for iPhone is a web-based application for using the Skype VoIP service whichis designed for the iPhone's touchscreen interface

Apple iPhone users can now use Skype on their devices with the release of a new Safari web-based application.

SHAPE Services ' IM+ for Skype for iPhone is a web application that enables iPhone users to communicate with other Skype users, landlines or mobiles using the low cost calling Skype VoIP service.

According to SHAPE Services, the IM+ for Skype for iPhone app has been designed especially for the iPhone's touchscreen interface. As well as Skype voice calls, the IM+ for Skype for iPhone app enables instant messaging with other IM users. The application doesn't require Wi-Fi access, and has been developed to work fully on mobile networks.

The IM+ for Skype mobile VoIP application is already available for Symbian, Java J2ME, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Palm mobile devices. SHAPE Services will initially be offering IM+ for Skype for iPhone free for a limited period. iPhone users can log on to from their Safari browsers to use the service.