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New iPhone unlock solution easiest yet

Unlocking the Apple iPhone for using on any mobile network may have got a touch easier with the TurboSIM-based solution

The Apple iPhone can now be unlocked to work with any mobile operator's SIM card, using a TurboSIM card. It's being billed as the easiest way yet to open up an iPhone.

The TurboSIM solution is available online from Bladox. It uses a slip-in card that fits between the mobile operator's SIM card and the iPhone. It doesn't require users to clone another SIM card or use a SIM card reader, as other iPhone unlock solutions have involved.

According to reports, the TurboSIM solution for the iPhone still requires users to jailbreak (get into) the iPhone's operating system, using previously released hack apps (see threads at hackint0sh). However, although still complicated and not simply a question of popping in a SIM card, early posts suggest that the unlock hack works with any mobile operator SIM card.

The TurboSIM costs 59 euros (£40), although iPhone users should look at instructions posted on iPhone sites before splashing the cash.