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iPhone gets eBook reader app

An eBook reader has been developed for the Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone owners can now read books on the move with the release of an eBook reader application for the iPhone. is a native eBook reader developed for the iPhone. As it's not an authorised third party application, it's not simple to install, according to MacNN . Users must first "jailbreak" (or open up) their iPhone's file system and then install the software. requires users to transfer eBooks via the iPHUC (iPhoneUtilityClient) tool used by iPhone modders to get new apps on to the iPhone. iPhone users keen to give it a try should see iPhone Dev Wiki for instructions. is capable of reading HTML and plain text stored on the iPhone. It is recommended for use with Project Gutenberg texts, in conjunction with GutenMark, which makes HTML files out of Gutenberg.txt files.

But the author warns users that it's not simple process, so anyone looking for a bit of
light beach reading or some Harry Potter might be best sticking to a paperback.