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Apple sells cut price iPhones

Apple is selling refurbished iPhones at $100 (£50) less than the regular price for both 4GB and 8GB models

Anyone interested in getting a cut-price iPhone? Apple is now selling just that from its online store.

Apple has started selling guaranteed good-as-new refurbished iPhones online for $100 (£50) less than the normal price. Apple is advertising 4GB iPhones for $399 (£200) and 8GB iPhones for $499 (£250). All models are "Apple Certified Refurbished" iPhones, so if you fancy a bargain...

Meanwhile, there's still no confirmation of when the Apple iPhone will launch in Europe, despite continuing speculation. Rumours today saying Vodafone has been lined up as a European partner for Apple, and that an announcement could come in the next couple of weeks, have met with a "no comment" from official Vodafone sources in the UK.