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Carphone Warehouse cues up music downloads - The Carphone Warehouse's new music download service

The Carphone Warehouse has entered the music download business with the launch today of , a branded version of Virgin Digital's established music download service.

By tying up with Virgin Digital, offers a choice of over 2.5 million tracks to users, priced at 79p each. The service also offers a back-up 'Music Insurance' service, allowing entire libraries of downloaded music to be re-downloaded if a user's PC or MP3 player gets lost or damaged. delivers tracks in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format, downloadable via a PC, that can be played on any compatible digital music player or mobile phone supporting the format. There are no details yet of when a dedicated mobile phone over the air download service will be launched.

The service also offers registered users extras including a music news service, featured playlists and background information on artists and tracks.