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Palm Pre snapped - in UK flavour!

Palm Pre - UK version coming soon?
Palm Pre - UK version coming soon?

A Palm Pre packing a UK-friendly SIM has been snapped over in Vietnam - likely showing that we might be getting the new phone on our shores soon.

Despite bringing the Pre to Mobile World Congress in February, Palm has yet to confirm definitively that it will be releasing a GSM version (compatible with European telephone networks).

The Vietnam photos (where the phone is likely being manufactured) show the Pre running with a GSM SIM card, so at least the technology looks close to being finished by Palm.

UK soon?

We were supposed to have a UK version of the Pre in the next month or two, and while there's been no word of such a thing happening, it seems that date isn't too far away.

Also, some international sites have been talking about a man using a Pre on the Underground, and being secretive when quizzed about it.

However, most of these seem to have not noticed you can't get any signal down there, so there's just as much chance of that being a US version as a secret UK Pre.

Via Engadget Mobile

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