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Nokia's 'swiss roll' battery hints at bendy ambitions

Nokia's 'swiss roll' battery hints at bendy ambitions
Let's get flexible

We've had the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex, and now Nokia might be lining up a flexible device onslaught after filing a patent for a rollable battery.

The Finnish company's new design, spotted in a patent filing by Nokia Power User, looks like a swiss roll in the way it wraps around itself.

Annotations point towards the battery's bend and twist capabilities, while the texts notes "the flexible battery 10 may be used in a multi-function portable electronic device."

Rollin' rollin' rollin'

Nokia battery

Nokia's bendy plans start to unravel

The design looks similar to the foldable battery Nokia also patented last year, but less rigid. The new patent description clearly hints that Nokia is looking at how the smartphone space is changing and what it needs to do to keep up.

Nokia isn't limiting the options of its new battery technology to just the wearable sector though - an area of the market it is yet to launch itself into.

The patent reads: "Various embodiments of the invention could be used in any suitable type of portable electronic device such as a mobile phone, a gaming device, a music player, a notebook computer, or a personal digital assistant, for example."

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