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Nokia N-Gage games get major boost

Nokia is relaunching its N-Gage mobile gaming platform with a new strategy

The momentum behind Nokia's revamped N-Gage mobile gaming platform is gathering pace with more developers coming onboard ahead of Nokia's expected launch this Wednesday.

The latest Nokia N-Gage commitment comes from Vivendi Games Mobile, whose popular Crash Bandicoot games franchise will be developed for the N-Gage platform. Crash Bandicoot will join the N-Gage games portfolio later this autumn, Nokia announced today.

Japanese-based mobile games publisher Capcom was revealed yesterday as another games company signing up to the new platform.

The revamped Nokia N-Gage platform will offer mobile users a sophisticated gaming experience on selected Nokia S60 devices. The first of these devices are expected to be announced at Nokia's launch event this Wednesday - alongside new music mobile handsets and Nokia's new downloadable music service.

Multiple mobile support

The gaming platform, which is expected to go fully live this autumn, will be different to the original, unsuccessful N-Gage incarnation. It will be supported on multiple mobiles rather than just on specialised gaming devices.

It will also provide sophisticated graphics and fluid gameplay, and will offer multiplayer gaming options, and the ability to trial games before buying. Nokia will add advanced social networking elements to the mobile gaming experience as well.