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Nokia Lumia 800 PAYG price revealed

Nokia Lumia 800

The brand new Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone will be available to buy on pay-as-you-go from Three UK for £399.

The Lumia 800, the first Nokia device to arrive boasting the Windows Phone operating system, was launched last week to great acclaim.

The pay-as-you-go price offered by the Three network offers the first confirmed price for the device, which many believe could signal the start of Nokia's return to prominence.

PAYG confusion

It was initially thought that the device would only be available on contract, when it launches in November.

Recombu is reporting that a press release from Carphone Warhouse had initially stated that the device would be available without a contract for £449, but the retailer has since said the device will be contract only.

However, the confirmed £399 price represents a significant saving on some of the devices the Lumia 800 will be going up against. The cheapest iPhone 4S is £100 more expensive for example.

Nokia is yet to confirm a release date for the device, with the website simply stating that the Lumia 800 is 'coming soon.'

Vodafone and Orange will also stock the device, although there has been no word on prices or tariffs yet.

Via Recombu