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New Windows Phone 8 features leaked, multitasking gets an upgrade

New Windows Phone 8 features leaked, multitasking gets an upgrade
Driving Mode and screen orientation changes coming

The next update to Windows Phone 8 - known commonly as GDR3 - will incorporate a host of new features, including the ability to close apps within the multi-tasking view, it has been revealed.

The word comes from a WPCentral message board user who claims to have purchased a device from Craigslist running the as-yet-unreleased update that's scheduled to land later this year.

The heavily-requested multitasking boost will make it easier for Windows Phone users to manage open apps on their device.

Also part of the update, there'll also be a new Driving Mode, which will mute calls and texts when paired with a bluetooth headset, either automatically, or manually through the phone's options.

Textual orientation

More tidbits from GDR3 (General Distribution Release 3) include the option to control screen orientation, as well as create custom alerts for emails, messages, social networking notifications etc.

The update will also enable backups to be restored to phones over Wi-Fi, rather than USB, during the phone's initial set-up.

The software bump is likely to arrive alongside the rumoured Nokia 1520 (codenamed 'Bandit') 6-inch phablet, which is set to arrive before 2013 is out.

Via The Verge