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New Motorola phones to revive fortunes?

Motorola will be hoping its new handsets will prove popular with consumers

Mobile giant Motorola is hoping to turn its recent ill-fortune around with the release of four new handsets. The W218, W360, W380 and W395 will be aimed at first-time mobile buyers and those on a budget, according to the company. The phones were launched at CTIA Wireless 2007 at the Orange County Convention Center in California.

Though details are few, the new phones look as though they're bringing features like Bluetooth, messenger services and large storage capacities to more competitively priced models.

"Motorola's mass market handsets give first-time technology users a chance to connect with those in their life, while enjoying the entertainment features a mobile device can provide," said Steve Lalla, corporate vice president at Motorola Mobile Devices.

"We're delivering on our 'no compromises' approach to leading this industry by uniting cool design and cool experiences, at price points for every market."

Motorola recently announced that its April financial results will be short to the tune of $1bn (£500m). Analysts believe this is partly due to the company over-extending the welcome of its popular Razr handset line.

No UK release has yet been confirmed.