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MS Office for iPhone app launches

New Microsoft Office for iPhone app launches
New Microsoft Office for iPhone app launches

Apple's new iPhone 3GS (launching this Friday) is set to feature cut and paste functionality - and a new application already in the pipeline will allow users to write and edit Microsoft Word documents on the device.

Overshadowing Lord Carter's (sensible but dull) Digital Britain report, the Apple iPhone 3GS launch is the real tech news of the week arguably the biggest mobile smartphone news of the year.

The all-singing version of DataViz's new Documents to Go for iPhone will set 3GS users back £5.99 – a piffling amount of money when they stop to consider what they have just shelled out to upgrade to the most famous mobile on the planet.

Basic £2.99 version

Documents to Go will also be made available in a cut-down Word editing and Desktop sync version for a mere £2.99. As well as letting you create and write Word docs you can also insert tables, embed graphics and use a whole host of other useful and popular MS Word features on your iPhone.

Users will also be able to view (but not edit) Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs, with the devs promising editing functionality for those types of Office docs in the near future.

iPhone users can check out Dataviz's website for more details

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