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Motorola unveils new Linux mobile platform

The Motorola RAZR2 V8 is one of Motorola's first phones to be built on the MOTOMAGX Linux-based platform

Motorola has committed itself to expanding its mobile Linux based handset lineup with the unveiling of a next generation mobile Linux platform, MOTOMAGX.

Motorola is introducing the MOTOMAGX platform as the next step in its Linux handset strategy. Motorola expects to see up to 60 per cent of its handsets based on Linux in the next few years. The company has already sold over 9 million Linux-based handsets.

Motorola says the MOTOMAGX Linux-based platform will give third party developers the openness and flexibility to create innovative applications and rich new experiences consumers want. The first products to be based on the MOTOMAGX platform include the MOTOROKR Z6 and RAZR2 V8 handsets.

Motorola has made developer tools available through its MOTODEV Studio integrated development environment, and is setting up a global series of MOTODEV summits for the developer community.