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Motorola: Google is Android's bodyguard and that's fine by us

Google is Android's bodyguard, and that's okay by us, says Moto
Moto - concentrating on the product

Motorola exec Steve Horowitz has explained that Google's role in defending the Android ecosystem is hugely important to the platform.

Given that Android is the most popular mobile platform on the planet you would be forgiven for thinking that it doesn't need protection, but the ongoing battle around patents had brought Google to the fore.

The search giant's purchase of Motorola allowed the company to take ownership of some of the key patents in the mobile phone world, and when it sold the manufacturer on to Lenovo it did not include those precious documents.


Speaking to TechRadar, Motorola's software guru Steve Horowitz explained that this allows Motorola to focus on the product and leave the lawsuits to Google.

"Nobody likes facing battles in the courtroom, right?" he said.

"What Google is successfully doing is taking the role of protecting the entire ecosystem so we can all stop looking at each other and pointing fingers and instead just compete in the marketplace.

"We have a licence from Google for our patents so we have no problem with Google consolidating and bringing the strength to defend itself.

"The Android ecosystem is a great place for us to be."

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