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More Symbian N-series phones on the horizon from Nokia?

Nokia - still seeing a use for Symbian
Nokia - still seeing a use for Symbian

Anssi Vanjoki from Nokia has hinted that there could well be more N-series handsets which sport Symbian, despite the company saying just this week that it may drop the OS.

Doug Dawson from Nokia told journalists that he believed that "going forward, N-series devices will be based on MeeGo" but Vanjoki says something different in a blog.

"Symbian and MeeGo are the best software for our smartest devices. As such, we have no plans to use any other software.

"The Nokia N8 will be our only Nseries device on Symbian^3. Of course, we 'never comment on future products', but a Symbian^4 Nseries device is a strong possibility. A very strong possibility."

He also added a smiley face at the end, but we decided to omit this to save him the embarrassment.

No Android

The announcement that Symbian is likely to stay will not be a popular one. Even die-hard Nokia bloggers are wavering over Nokia's insistence on using the OS, with TheNokiaGuide stopping its coverage of Symbian and SymbianGuru recently closing.

In his blog, Vanjoki also put to bed rumours that Nokia is set to embrace Android, explaining: "Despite rumours to the contrary, there are no plans to introduce an Android device from Nokia."

Got that? Good.

Marc Chacksfield

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