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Google Maps Floor Plan Marker launches

Google wants to fix its indoor tracking

Google has launched an initiative to improve the accuracy of its indoor location fixes.

The company started offering indoor maps back in November with Google Maps 6.0 but it mainly covered just shopping centres and airports in the US and Japan.

The offering is expanding, and Google wants to make sure that position tracking improves with the new indoor maps.

However getting a GPS fix indoors can be problematic to say the least, and using network data is vague at best.

So Google is inviting venue owners who have uploaded a floor plan of their building to help them improve location accuracy.

Turn left at next corridor

The app required is Google Maps Floor Plan Marker for Android. It directs users around their own building, collecting data about nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and phone masts as they go.

This new data should then help improve the accuracy of indoor location fixes, especially in being able to tell on which floor a user is situated.

The new app won't have us all pacing around our local shopping centres to help with mapping, as currently the only ones who can participate are those who have uploaded floor plans.

Hopefully, it could mean we never get lost in a museum again.