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SIM-free iPhone unlock achieved?

The latest iPhone unlock reputedly causes no problems with the software

According to an online group involved in searching for access controls to the Apple iPhone, it's possible to unlock the device without the help of SIM cards or software solutions.

Previous versions of unlocking solutions have required a convoluted procedure of using special SIM cards and software to unlock the iPhone. But the new method made public by this group involves a secretive procedure that has yet to be announced.

The new method allegedly involves soldering circuit board connections within the iPhone itself, but little else is known about it.

Risky procedure

The online group behind this method has already stated that the procedure is risky and could render the iPhone completely useless if not followed properly. But if successful, the procedure allows any SIM card from a GSM-based carrier to send and receive calls. Interestingly, the hack also allows iPhone users to continue using the software as if nothing was touched.

Further details about the hack are being withheld until one week from Tuesday when the group says it will publish instructions on how to repeat the procedure.