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BlackBerry browsing boosted by new Opera Mini

The new Opera Mini 4 beta has browser features such as landscape mode

BlackBerry users will be able to get enhanced mobile internet browsing features on their devices with the latest beta version of the Opera Mini 4 mobile web browser.

The new beta of Opera Mini 4 was released today, providing exclusive new features optimised for BlackBerrys, including a new user interface and menus. Opera Mini 4.0 adds a new "Landscape mode" that provides a wider view of the page, and a new multi-search Start Page that allows uses to add their own preferred search engine to their browser's Start Page.

"We want to make Opera Mini available to even more users, so we've improved our support for BlackBerry," commented Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera. "Now the world's most popular mobile web browser and most popular handhelds can work together."

The new Opera Mini 4.0 beta is available free to download now.