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Vodafone cuts roaming data charges

Vodafone has cut the cost of accessing its networks in other countries on Vodafone 3G-enabled laptops

Vodafone has cut the cost of using its mobile data services in Europe. The move comes the same week the European Union said it was to push to have roaming charges slashed .

From 1 July, Vodafone customers using mobile-enabled laptops will be charged a flat rate of 12 Euros (£8) for every day of use.

The flat rate is only applicable for Vodafone customers using the Vodafone network in other countries and covers use for either a 24 hour period or up to 50MB of data, after that the customer's standard per-megabyte rate applies.

The mobile operator will also lower its wholesale prices for roaming partners - offering rival networks new rates for its customers using Vodafone's network.

This week, Viviane Reding, the EU Commissioner for Information, Society and Media, said mobile operators need to lower their roaming data charges by the summer.