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Microsoft: voice control on Mango is a 'crowd pleaser'

Microsoft: voice control on Mango is a "crowd pleaser
Microsoft: voice control on Mango is a "crowd pleaser

Microsoft is pushing the voice control functionality on its Windows Phone 7 handsets – with Apple's Siri personal assistant still capturing the headlines.

Microsoft has never been backward in pushing its own feature sets in comparison with its rivals, and the Windows Phone blog post by Microsoft's Andy Myers suggests that voice control is a favoured offering.

Of course, the more cynical may suggest that this is an interesting thing to push at a time when Apple's voice control feature on its newly announced iPhone 4S is winning plaudits and coining spoof videos across the media.

Crowd pleaser

"Whenever I get a chance to show off Windows Phone to a friend, I usually start with speech recognition," blogs Myers

"It's always a crowd pleaser, and it's only gotten better in Windows Phone 7.5, which lets you compose, listen to, and send text messages with your voice."

Microsoft has produced a video showing how voice control works in updating your Facebook, which has been posted to YouTube.

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