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Man gets $218 trillion phone bill

A Malaysian man is facing a $218 trillion phone bill

A Malaysian man who received a $218 trillion phone bill for his late father's phone line - with a demand to pay it within 10 days or face prosecution - is preparing to fight any legal action.

The eye-watering phone bill arrived months after Yahaya Wahab's father's death. Wahab says he asked for the line to be disconnected in January, and settled the outstanding account, according to an Associated Press report on MSNBC . However, the subsequent bill from Telekom Malaysia for 806,400,000,000,000.01 ringgit suggests there may have been a few crossed wires somewhere along the line.

The AP report was based on a story in the New Straits Times. It said it hadn't yet been established whether Telekom Malaysia had made an error with the bill or whether someone had been using the dead man's phone rather a lot. Telekom Malaysia is looking into the case.