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LG to produce its own quad-core processor

LG to produce own quad-core processor
Is the 4X HD already out of time?

LG is set to make its own mobile quad-core processor, known as the L9, which will apparently launch in September.

This isn't the first time a mobile manufacturer has produced its own chip, as Samsung currently has its Exynos range of processors - with the quad-core variant found in the Galaxy S3.

According to Chinese site Chosun, LG is planning to stick its L9 processor in a phone which sports the same True HD screen found on the Optimus 4X HD, and a camera which will be at least 10MP.

Optimus 4X HD in trouble?

It's though that the L9 chip will be based around the ARM Cortex-A9, which is slightly older than the latest Cortex-A15 – although this version is yet to feature in a mobile phone.

The device sporting LG's fancy new chip is rumoured to arrive in September, just a month after the firm's first quad-core handset, the Optimus 4X HD, is due to arrive in stores.

Back in May we heard rumours that the LG Eclipse was being lined up to usurp the Optimus 4X HD, and although that rumour pointed towards a Qualcomm processor, it could still be the handset which is being talked about here.

From Chosun via PhoneArena

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