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LG B Android handset to be slimmer than the iPhone 4?

LG B Android smartphone
LG B Android smartphone out next year

Hot on the heels of this week's official LG Optimus 2X reveal, a handset codenamed the LG B has leaked from LG's 2011 Android line-up.

Although there's no mention of processing power, memory, connectivity or which Android OS version it will run, the LG B is shown to be slightly slimmer than the iPhone 4.

This will no doubt upset Apple, which has been touting its latest iPhone as the world's thinnest smartphone.

Bright lights

The LG B handset also looks set to offer dazzling screen brightness as a USP, if a rather tenuous table of specs sent to Phandroid by a trusted tipster is to be believed.

LG b brightness specs

The chart suggests that the mysterious LG B will also offer higher visible light intensity than its listed competitors, which we are assuming are the Samsung Galaxy S (S) and the iPhone 4 (R for Retina Display), the two handsets pictured either side of the LG B above.

The 4in screen is also said to use the same material as the iPhone 4's impressive display.

There's no word on an official release date yet, but an errant tweet from LG's CES team (since deleted) confirms that the handset will make its first official appearance at CES in January 2011.

Via Phandroid and TechCrunch

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