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Lenovo requests Windows Phone freedom

Lenovo requests Windows Phone freedom
We could see manufacturer overlays on Windows Phone soon

Lenovo is looking to get Nokia-style access to the Windows Phone operating system as reports suggest it has approached Microsoft on the subject.

Manufacturers are currently able to pop the Windows Phone operating systems on their handsets, if they so wish, but Microsoft has locked down the platform, meaning firms can't tinker with it like they can with Android.

Lenovo is keen to produce more Windows Phone handsets, but want to be able to customise the user interface – probably in a similar way to HTC and Samsung do on Android.

Going to the top

According to Chinese site WPDang, Lenovo has petitioned Microsoft requesting permission to customise its OS, and even sending its R&D executives all the way to the software giant's HQ to ask the question.

Apparently Microsoft is open to the idea of manufacturers tinkering with its Windows Phone platform, so Lenovo could well be in for a good result.

It would be a positive step for Windows Phone if Microsoft did allow firms to customise the operating system, as it could encourage them to feature the OS on more devices, thus giving Microsoft a greater market share.

From WPDang via Ubergizmo

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