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Kitchen-sink digital TV phone from Korea

The Pantech IM-U160 comes with a built-in digital terrestrial TV tuner

The latest in a long line of Asian mobile phones you'll never have is the highly desirable IM-U160 from Pantech of Korea, featuring digital television, a vibrating, touch-sensitive keypad and plenty more besides.

The 250,000 Won (£140) handset has a tuner for the popular (in Korea anyway) DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) terrestrial format and a 2.6-inch widescreen LCD to show it off on, which is only marginally smaller than the Japanese digi TV model we saw last month .

The keypad is an array of touch-sensitive buttons that provide feedback by vibrating when touched and there's a built-in MP3 player with 184MB of its own memory and access to whatever size of microSD card you want to stick in the slot.

Otherwise, we're looking at an MS Office document viewer, an English-Korean dictionary, a 2-megapixel camera and GPS sat-nav. Oh, and plane fares to Seoul are usually about £400 return. J Mark Lytle