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Jay-Z goes after the Galaxy with Samsung hook-up

Jay-Z hooks up with Samsung
Jay-Z on his Samsung Galaxy S4, pretending he doesn't use an iPhone

Samsung has bought the first million copies of Jay-Z's new album and is giving them away to a million Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 users through a dedicated app, three days before the album is released to the rest of the world.

The app lands on June 24, while the album itself drops on July 4 at 12.01 am ET. The rest of us can get our ears on the album on July 7.

Must be nice for struggling young artist Jay-Z to already have a million sales of his humbly-named Magna Carta Holy Grail already in the bank. Guess these are the "new rules" he's writing in this kind of adorable almost-Samsung-free video, here:

More blips!

You might have 99 problems but a lack of blips sure ain't one, check it.

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