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Is this the BlackBerry A10 in all its glory?

Is this the BlackBerry A10 in all its glory?
BlackBerry goes bigger

Rumours that BlackBerry is set to launch its largest phone screen seem more certain than ever as an image of the A10 handset has appeared online.

Don't assume this is the real deal but the picture certainly echoes previous word that the handset, also known as the Aristo, would closely resemble the Samsung Galaxy S4 with its rounded edges, as well as coming across as a bit



BGR's report states confidently that the BlackBerry A10 will have a 5-inch Super AMOLED display, dual-core processor and separate graphics processor.

Aristo Development

It's also noted, however, that the resolution will be just 1280 x 720, which pales a little to the growing number of 1080p displays on the market.

BlackBerry A10

The dual-core processor, if true, will no doubt disappoint some who were hoping that the A10 would be a true heavyweight when it comes to power, even though not going quad-core will be gentler on the battery.

The BB10-rocking phone is expected to launch "this fall", with a November date being thrown around right now.

As the fourth handset to come running the new OS, could this be the one to help BB10 take off?

Hugh Langley

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