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Is this our first glimpse of iOS 8?

Is this our first glimpse at iOS 8?
iOS may get a health kick

We've been hearing a few whispers about iOS 8 recently, but now we've got something to actually feast our eyes on.

The screenshot above was posted on a Weibo account, claiming to be of iOS 8, and 9to5Mac says it has confirmed its legitimacy "with several sources".

As you can see, the rumoured Healthbook app is sitting on the top right, while Preview and TextEdit are also present.


According to "sources in the know" Apple is optimising versions of Preview and TextEdit for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which would explain their appearance here.

These versions will reportedly be made for the purpose of viewing files that are synce

iOS 8

d to iCloud by OS X, but not editing.

If this picture is real, Apple clearly still has work to do on the icons, as Preview and TextEdit are just copies of their Mac counterparts right now.

The same Weibo user also posted a picture allegedly of the settings screen, which shows the version of iOS to be 8.0.

As convinced as 9to5Mac is that these pictures are the real deal, it would be very easy for someone to knock out a photoshop job like this in no time at all, so we'll remain a tad cautious.

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