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Is the Lumia 930 the Nokia flagship we've been waiting for?

Phone Show 13
Windows Phone 8.1 debuts

The Lumia 930 is yet another attempt by Nokia to push its Windows Phone-packing smartphones into the same league as Apple and Android: a lofty goal which, despite its best efforts, the company has as yet been unable to achieve.

The Finnish firm's latest flagship is certainly the most promising attempt so far. With a 5-inch full HD screen and quad-core processor, the Lumia 930 boasts a spec sheet that wouldn't be amiss on a high end Android flagship…if that flagship happened to be a handset from 2013.

In this week's Phone Show, Gareth Beavis and John McCann take an in-depth look at Nokia's latest efforts to discuss why the Lumia 930 falls just short of smartphone stardom. Watch it in full below, and as always, be sure to leave us your thoughts.