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iPhone app devs: We're making $1m a month

Money on tap
Money on tap

Tapulous – the makers of Tap Tap Revenge – have confessed that they are closing in on making $1 million (£619k) a month from iPhone application.

Tap Tap Revenge quickly became one of the most installed applications for the platform giving iPhone users a rhythm game reminiscent of the likes of Guitar Hero and

Rock Band


Although the original app was free, the company has managed to persuade many of its 20 million downloaders to pay for the premium versions of the game, as well as selling songs through the app and serving adverts.

More to come?

Although the company has not given accurate sales figures, Reuters reports that the chief executive gave the magic seven figure target out, and insists that there is more to come.

Indeed, application developers who realised the potential for games and apps on handsets have now become major players, with the likes of Playfish – recently acquired for £170m by EA, and PopCap, puzzle game specialists, making substantial profits.

Via Reuters

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