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iPhone 6C release date tipped for April 2016

iPhone 6C release date tipped for April 2016 by Chinese network

The successor to the 'budget' iPhone 5C has been rumoured for some time, but it seems like we're edging ever closer as reports surrounding the iPhone 6C begin to intensify. In fact, we're apparently just months away now.

According to Chinese site MyDrivers, phone network China Mobile has inadvertently revealed the iPhone 6C release date in its 2016 roadmap.

This would tie in nicely with the rumoured March event reported earlier this month, where the Cupertino firm is tipped to launch both the iPhone 6C and Apple Watch 2.

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The roadmap in question does refer to the handset as the iPhone 7C however, although it's unlikely to stick as surely Apple would wait until the iPhone 7 had launched before applying additional lettering.

According to the report the iPhone 6C will boast a 4-inch 1136 x 640 display, A9 processor, 8MP camera, Touch ID and three colour options - gold, silver and black. It's also possible that this is just the network planning for the 'what if this happens?' moments - but the 6C has been an AWFUL long time coming.

It's also claimed to cost around US$500 (around £340, AU$690) - which is cheaper than both the iPhone 6 and 6S, but not a budget offering.


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