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iPhone 6" in testing, say people in the know

iPhone 6" in testing, say people in the know
But is bigger better?

There could be a 6-inch iPhone 6 on the way as Apple is reportedly trying a few new screen sizes out.

Although the word only comes from "people familiar with the matter" speaking to the WSJ, it wouldn't surprise us to discover that Apple is trying bigger screens out since the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note range.

Apparently the iPhone is being tested with screen sizes ranging from 4.8-inches up to 6 - a fair jump from the existing iPhone 5's 4-inch display.

Supposedly, Apple is quite taken with the 4.8-inch screen.

Size matters

We're not expecting Apple to tinker with the screen dimensions on the iPhone 5S that will be announced on September 10, nor do we think the cheap iPhone 5C will come with a larger panel.

But the iPhone 6, which will be a bigger upgrade and should land in 2014, could well come bearing a larger screen.

However, if Apple is only now testing these sizes out, it may take longer than a year to put the new manufacturing processes required into place - iPhone 7, anyone?

Unsurprisingly, Apple is not commenting on the rumours. We'll just have to wait until the post-iPhone 5S iPhone 6 leak deluge to find out more.

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