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iPhone 6 could take big leap in resolution as 5.5-inch screen rumoured again

iPhone 6 may go QHD as 5.5-inch screen gets official unveiling
IS QHD really on the cards?

The iPhone 6 may come in both a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions, and it's possible that we've just glimpsed the larger of the two potential displays.

Japan Display has announced a 5.5-inch Quad HD display (1440 x 2560) which will begin mass production in April.

Now, this is of particular interest as Japan Display is one name that's been thrown into the pot of names rumoured to be manufacturing the iPhone 6 display.

I can see clearly now

Japanese publication Nikkei claims that JDI has the job of building these screens and that production will start in the second quarter of the year – which matches the announcement of this 5.5-inch screen.

Fanning the flames even more is Nikkei's claim that the new iPhone's resolution "is expected to be significantly higher than that of current models."

QHD ought to do it, though that would be a crazy big jump on the current 640 x 1130 resolution.

Plus, all of this may just be a coincidence, so don't get your hopes of a super-sized QHD iPhone up too high just yet.

Hugh Langley

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