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iPhone 4 set for sales boost as prices drop

iPhone 4 set for sales boost as prices drop
iPhone 4 - more attractive since 4S launch?

The iPhone 4S pre-order madness has started, but the price drop for the iPhone 4, along with the incremental nature of its successors, upgrade could boost its popularity.

As we explain in the hands on: iPhone 4S review, the changes under the hood for the new handset include a better processor, Siri assistant and a better lens.

However, many of the coolest new features are brought by the iOS 5 update, which will be coming to the iPhone 4 on 12 October.

Attractive proposition

That makes the iPhone 4 (and, to an extent, the similarly iOS 5 equipped-iPhone 3GS) attractive propositions for the more thrifty customers.

The iPhone 4 8GB version is available on major networks for no additional cost on two year contracts starting from £36 a month (Orange) and £35.74 (T-Mobile).

Buying the phone without a contract will now set you back £429, and will now ship on October 14 with iOS 5 built in.

Although Apple's shares dropped significantly as the iPhone 4S was announced, it is still likely to sell like hot-cakes, and, as eBay predicted, the chances are that the iPhone will have a surge as well.

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