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If it wasn't for the Z1, the Xperia Z2 would blow us away

If it weren't for the Z1, the Xperia Z2 would blow us away
Weren't we just playing with the Z1?

We love the Xperia Z2. It has a beautiful screen, great battery, a strong camera setup and more than enough power for whatever you might need of it.

Bottom line: it's the best Sony smartphone yet. But with HTC and Samsung doing all of the above, as well as throwing in additional headline-grabbing features, the Xperia Z2 lacks that little extra wow factor to make it stand out.

Also­: didn't Sony release a near-identical phone just a few months ago? That's right - the Xperia Z1. So why is it chucking yet another flagship out there already, and has there been enough of an update to justify its existence?

All shall be revealed in this week's Phone Show. Tune in below, and be sure to leave us your thoughts afterwards.