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Huawei makes pledge to the future of Windows Phone

Huawei makes pledge to future Windows Phone devices
Not getting the blues about Microsoft's purchase

Although Microsoft's Nokia purchase raised a few questions about future support from other players, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has said it will continue to make Windows Phone-running devices.

The Huawei Ascend W1, released earlier this year, marked the first Windows Phone 8 device from the company, which traditionally makes phones that run Android.

Huawei has a big presence in China so this will be great news for the Windows platform, which will likely be using Nokia to deal more with matters in the west.

Who are we?

"We will continue to develop devices running Windows Phone, and launch more products," said Huawei executive Richard Ren. "We remain one of Microsoft's strategic partners."

HTC and Samsung also design Windows Phone handsets of their own, but it's not certain that they'll both continue to do so into the distant future.

Microsoft's Nokia deal will give it more control over the synchronisation of hardware and software although there's understandably some concern that this could negatively affect support from other manufacturers.


Hugh Langley

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