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HTC Sense 6 will come to the old One but may lose some features along the way

HTC Sense 6 will make it to the old One but may lose some features along the way
Makes a lot of Sense

There's a new HTC One in town, but if you're still rocking the 2013 model then you'll be glad to hear that you're in line for the Sense 6.0 software upgrade.

No word on exactly when you'll get it yet though, nor whether the older handset will sacrifice any of the swizzy new features.

A spokesperson told us, "HTC will bring Sense 6 to the 2013 HTC One family, and stay tuned for details and timing to be announced in the coming months."

Court gesture

It's possible that some updates like Motion Launch gesture controls won't make it on to the older HTC One model as it might not have the necessary hardware smarts to handle it.

But we do expect that you'll see other features like the upgraded BlinkFeed, more customisation options and the simpler, cleaner interface on the 2013 model at some point soon.

And here's a video of the phone in action! We are good to you, aren't we.

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